Magnetic Generator Reviews

by Doug Brown

My name is Doug Brown. I worked in the private sector on research as a physicist for many years, and for the most part of my life one of my greatest hobbies has been tinkering in my garage.  Cars, go-karts, motor controllers, wheeled robot units, you name it I’ve probably already built it :)

But enough of my personal story and to the reason why I had this website built…


A few years back I was upset about the rising energy costs, so I decided to do something about it. After some brain storming with colleagues we came up with the idea that it must be possible to generate 70% – 90% of the energy a household needs with magnets alone, which in turn compensate less energy than they produce. I went online and began searching for plans of a well-designed magnetic generator that I could rebuild with maybe a few changes here and there.


From Our Idea To A Functioning Magnetic Generator:

After many searches, which ultimately were proven to be futile, I purchased a few plans. They looked good at first, but they wound up not being worth the expense. One, however, was solid with several patents registered on the design. After studying it for a while, it became clear that it would work quite well, without the need for any modifications. So I went ahead and built the thing in around 2 days time.

It was surprisingly easy, not only for someone like me who builds all kinds of things from scratch himself, but for everybody. If you ever bought something from IKEA and put it together by yourself you will have an idea about how easy it was. The materials I’ve used were bought at Home-Depot in the next town for about $120, and that was it, including the time to buy everything it took me 3 days until the generator was ready for its first test run. After 3 years my magnetic generator is still working, and produces around 80% of my home’s electricity from a shed in my garden.


Copies Of The Official Patents Filed For The Magnetic Generator:


The Law Of Conservation Of Energy & Why Magnetic Generators Work:

Some physicists disagree with the objection that the law of conservation of energy states that energy in an isolated system stays constant over time, the energy can only change its location but can not be created or destroyed. This law is correct, but people often forget that a magnetic generator is not an isolated system… The isolated system in this case is the universe in which we’re living, so all the energy in this isolated system IS re-usable and DOES change its location on a regular basis, like in a car crash the energy of the collision is not generated, it is simply transferred from the moving car to the object it hits…

A magnetic generator feeds on your houses power supply, it needs electricity to run and can therefore not be considered an isolated system itself. The generator simply creates a three-dimensional magnetic force field through the electric current that flows in the core of the system. This method is called induction, it is nothing new and was already discovered in 1831 by Michael Faraday.

So you can not say that the energy is created from nothing, it is simply taken from somewhere else and changes its location. This exactly is the reason why it’s possible to build a magnetic generator that “produces” more energy than it’s using.


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What Is The Reason Behind This Story?
I’m telling you this to reassure you in your decision and to encourage you to not believe in everything you hear from the doubters. Try it for yourself and you will see that it indeed works, and works very well too. Even physicists should keep an open mind about the laws of nature, after all these are man-made laws and nature does not care about what we think. To me the concept behind a magnetic generator is absolutely obvious, but there are some people who are not open to new ideas and will always doubt something they do not want to believe in, even if you prove it to them right in front of their own eyes.


What Happens Next?
You can either read more about how and why exactly a magnetic generator works,
by clicking here: Permanent magnet generator in-depth

Or you can go directly to the website that offers the plans I purchased to build my own magnetic generator,
by clicking here: Start building your magnetic generator now!


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Posted by Doug Brown on February 28, 2012

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